Google launching Internet beaming balloons

In a unique and a totally out of the box initiative , Google has taken up the project of launching Internet beaming balloons that will hover in stratosphere and provide connectivity to the "not so reachable" areas of the world .

The project is still in the initial stages and hopes to launch thousands of such balloons and  provide internet connectivity to millions in the remotest parts of the world where convention ways of providing internet is not feasible .

Since these balloons hover in the stratsphere they are said to be totally safe and provide no threat to the flying aircrafts (almost twice as high as aircrafts).

The balloons are filled with helium and the onboard equipments are powered by solar panels that are attached at the bottom .

The signals are received by a ball shaped receiver that connects to the computer .

We feel this litarally "Cloud Computing " and if successful we could see a big boom in internet usage , with more and more people getting connected seemlessly .