Learn to assign custom shortcut keys for applications in Win 7

You can easily assign shortcut keys to various applications that you have installed in your system . This tutoial shows you how to do it .Here we consider the recently installed an application called Bing Desktop that places a search gadget on the desktop .

To launch Bing Desktop you can clik on start>All Programs >Bing Desktop (that,s te regular old fashioned way).

Now lets assign a shortcu key to make the task simple and easy .

click on start>All Programs >Right Click Bing Desktop >Properties

Click on None

Press and hold the Ctrl button

While holding the Ctrl button press b (or any other aphabet that u want to assign) . Click on apply and OK . ow the key combination is saved .

Next time when u want to launck Bing Desktop just press and hold Ctrland Alt keys and press b .

This can be applied to all he other applications that are installed in your and are used very frequently by you .