The New iPad has been released, but did not actually start a revolution as its predecessors.

Nonetheless it did roll some eyeballs with some of its new features .

In our previous article we had discussed about the desired features of iPad 3.

Here we discuss some of the new features of the New iPad.

Lots of rumours are making rounds on the net about the official release of IPAD 3.
March 7 is likely to be that date going by the past trends of apple releases and also reports of some vendors dropping the price of IPad 2 by  almost $50, Also there are various rumours and articles about the new features that might be included in the new device .We have compiled a list of features that might be expected (or desired) in the new gadget.We will be comparing this with actual set of features post release .

PS : We will surely miss the charisma of Steve Jobs in this release.

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