Its very easy to change the colour combination of command prompt . Just right click on the title bar and select Properties as shown below .

Generally if you want to copy the text from command prompt to a file you will have to right click >Mark >copy >paste .

There is a simple way of achieving the same result using a command parameter .

"Ping" ia s versatile tool (command) used by System/Network Admins to find the reachability of a remote host (Computer or a Network Device)

Syntax : ping <hostname/IP address>

You can easily schedule your tweets using future tweets , Below are the easy steps .

Whenever you are online and want to calculate something quickly , you dont have to open calculator app on your computer or mobile device .

Just enter the values in google search field and you will get the result instantly .

This is a nice little time saver ! 

Google books lets you buy and read books on a web browser or an android / iOs device using Google Books App .

Whats special about this platform is that you can upload books that you did not buy from Google store or books and documents that you have created and read them on the go .

The screenshot below show the option with which you can upload books and documents .

If you are an avid gamer you will know that most earlier games (Some even now) have something called as "God Mode" where you get the power to use all the options like full ammo (shooting games) or full fuel (racing games) .Enabling "GodMode" in windows 8 gives you links to all of the control panel and configuration settings.Here is a trick that is so simple and yet has cool effect to it .

Taking Screen shots (Snapshot of the active screen) in Windows 7 was considered tedious wherin you had to paste it in a picture editor like MS Paint and save it to your desired location 

Knowing the below shortcuts will not only make your life easy but also will save a lot of time while working .

If you are worried about your privacy while browsing using a shared computer or at the internet cafe then InPrivate browsing is a perfect way to prevent traces of your browsing history from being saved by the browser .


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